Jun 20

One day last summer, it was my honour to dance with Matt, an Internet superstar who made one of Youtube’s most viewed videos of all time. He has just uploaded his third excellent and inspiring video about travelling around the world. It’s only 4:29 long and well worth a watch, but check out 3:51 (Montreal) and see the guy in the yellow jacket waving his arms, right in the centre of the shot? :)

Here’s the two of us just before dancing:

  • http://visibone.blogspot.com Bob Stein

    I noticed you! You seemed to be saying “C’mon out here in the rain and dance with us!”

  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Hey that’s a good point! I was just frantically waving my arms, but it does look like I’m asking the watcher to join in! The ironic thing is…. I’m blocking out Matt!! That scene is the only one I can’t see him in!!!! :P Thanks for watching :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/aqua_moonshade Nic

    Hahahahahaha! You look too cute.


  • http://www.fresh-buzz.com Pedro

    Hey Benny thanx for your comment on my site, i came to check yours. i’d love to have been with him when he was in my country. Did you knew he was gonna be there? or just randomly find him? Congratulations on your site ;)

  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    He wasn’t as public about his appearence as he could have been (probably better; it wouldn’t have been as good if every scene was like his last one). I was looking up a site about events in Montreal and someone casually mentioned that Matt was coming to dance (they heard from his blog). I made sure to go and organised to bring over 15 friends with me… but they all got scared off once they saw the rain!

  • http://www.trailofants.com Ant

    The fact that you were in one of Matt’s dances, makes you a hero in my eyes! Just found you through Nerdy Nomads (ironically on a post about commenting). Great site. Great life. Great read.

  • Elena

    WOW-WOW-WOW!!!! This idea of dancing in all places you’ve visited is really great!! I can say nothing but just WOW! :) And keep going! Good luck and have fun!!!! :)

  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Elena, please read the description!! That is not me dancing around the world. I am only in one scene. Thanks anyway for your positive energy ;)

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