Jan 15

This video is in HD quality. If it is not loading or you have a slow connection, you can view it directly on Youtube here.
This video is also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Esperanto and Irish!

Have you ever wondered how to subscribe to updates on a website? Have you ever seen this symbol on web pages and wondered what it means?

RSS is all over the web, but so many people don’t even know what it is! In this short fast-paced video I explain it as I run around Buenos Aires and show how it can be used.
Some important links that you should refer to after watching the video include how to use Google Reader, and Google Alerts for RSS feeds on Google searches, and everywhere else just look for the RSS symbol or something similar! If you like this video, make sure to leave a comment and of course… don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed!! ;)

  • http://www.twoguysaroundtheworld.com/ SammyK

    You look so cool in your shades!

    I know Google Reader is to keep you from wasting time by being distracted, but I’m posting this comment as a distraction to something else I was doing which was a distraction to something else I was doing… I’m basically at about 5 levels of dis…. [hold on...] …traction at this point.

  • http://www.herappleness.com Missy

    I have always learned something new on this site, that’s why I am a subscriber.
    Thanks for the info- Can you believe all the people at my workplace who had NO clue about this? I don’t blame them, b/c they had been in need of something like this.
    Thanks for providing it!

  • rushiil

    thanks i came 2 this by yahoo answers