May 6

After two years it was finally time to go back to Brazil. This experience was to be completely different to the first one; the city of Recife was my first stop at 2,500km from Rio and São Paulo. The house I was renting was in a “favela” or city slump, where I’d feel constantly aware of how white I was every time I left the house. I quickly learned not to leave home with any valuables, or even a wallet, with about R$20 (€8) stuffed into my pocket I’d be covered for all food and taxis out and back home. Recife has a reputation for being a very dangerous city. Despite that, nothing happened to me or anyone I knew the entire time I was there.

Soon the Couchsurfers started to arrive! I hosted about 60 or 70 people in the month I was there, most of them during the Carnival. It was great to have them around since having such a big house all to myself when working can get quite

The Carnival itself was spectacular. See the video a couple of entries before for my experience. Olinda (Recife’s adjacent city) has one of the world’s craziest Carnivals and I’m so glad I got to experience it!

After a month it was time to set off to travel around the north-east. I started at Natal, a city simply named “Christmas” in Portuguese, where there are Christmas trees and wise men everywhere – even in March! A very clean and modern city; it gets a lot of European tourists. While I was feeling touristy I went to Pipa for a few days; its a beach town mostly populated by travelling surfers and those who want some good parties. Continuing south, I went past Recife onto Maceió and then down to Salvador for a while.

Salvador was Brazil’s first capital and has a long and interesting history; it’s an amazing city with so much culture and with so many friendly people. I took a few Capoeira lessons and went out to explore the city as much as I could. Since it was almost time to go home I decided to chill out for my last few days on Morro de São Paulo; an island close to Salvador. I found a “pousada” (cheap hotel) with breakfast, air conditioner, queen sized bed, my own terrace, en-suite bathroom and 10m from the beach and was able to haggle the price down to R$25 (€10) a night!

But all good things must come to an end; I got the 14 hour bus ride back to Recife to fly home. It’s not the last Brazil has seen of me though!! I hope the above video best summarises how it was!

  • Missy

    fantastic, as always!

  • GlobalButterfly

    Awww, I loved this video…brought back such beautiful memories of Brasil for me. It looks like you had an extraordinary time there!!! You are SO talented with making videos. When we finally meet you'll have to show me your tricks. Fantastic capoeira skills. ;-)