Apr 19

I am currently living in Tenerife one of the Canary Islands!! Since I was travelling through Brazil and then working a lot when I got back, I haven’t had the time to update this blog, but I was constantly taking videos and over the next few weeks will be uploading documentaries on:

  • The house in which I hosted 40 people (Couchsurfers) for the Olinda Carnival
  • Travels through the north-east of Brazil
  • Hiking up the Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain and the third largest volcano in the world.

To see my photos from the Brazil trip, click here and for the ones in Tenerife, click the image below:


I’ll also be dramatically altering the website’s layout; adding a main front page for language selection, organising the site into menus and adding more content that is easy to navigate through in all languages. Right now it’s horrible having everything on one page. That will change soon! I’ll also be adding descriptions of my travels since January that aren’t covered in the videos if anyone has the patience to read them! And if I get my head around the coding I’d like to add an RSS feed for those interested in keeping up to date. Otherwise I’ll be starting a simple e-mail list. Oh and I’ll also have an e-mail with the site’s url to be more easily contacted ;) For now, enjoy my first documentary in the previous entry.