Apr 25

I’ll be coming back from my blogging break very shortly with some funny short films about how to learn languages; starting very soon with “How to learn Italian”, followed by English and Irish Gaelic and getting into videos about other languages later. I’ll also be giving lots of other travel tips too! So stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed (by email or RSS)!

But for those of you who want to hear my best tips now, you can check out an interview that was just taken with me over on the More Oftens podcast/blog. It’s a new podcast by some friends of mine, Zac and Brady. They asked me some interesting questions and I gave some tips for how I travel so much and manage to learn languages quickly. You can see the post directly on their site or download the MP3 to listen to later. Be warned! The entire interview lasts over 45 minutes, so maybe download the podcast/MP3 to listen to later!

All comments about the interview appreciated here below or on the More Oftens blog.

  • Diarmuid Hayes

    great mp3 Benny! fair play to you! Know any couples who couchsurf with a young kid?? curious to know! Slán

  • http://www.briantravelblog.com Brian

    Thanks for this post, I have found that learning languages greatly enhances the travel experience and is seriously worth the effort!

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    thank you! That looks like a great resource

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    I heard the mp3 and the interview was awesome thanks for sharing the link.

  • http://twitter.com/Emmi134 Emmi Bances

    We dont need to learn any languages now, google is not far behing to create a voice Interpreter for us :D

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