Oct 7


Click here to see this video in high quality. You can also watch it in French, Spanish and Esperanto, Portuguese, la Italian, and Irish.

This is the first of my travel-tip videos. One thing that is currently a problem for budget travelling is the extra charge introduced by including checked luggage. To avoid this and waiting around in the airport, it’s much better to fly only with hand luggage when you can. In this short and comical video I show how you can bring a lot more than you think! If you enjoy it please leave a comment, check out my other videos and subscribe to see more!

  • Niki

    Dude! You crack me up!! I love the towel trick! ha! Next time, you’ll have to remember to wear ya undies on the outside too! ;p

  • http://www.theluggageblog.com Jenni

    Funny video… and those are actually very clever tips. Unfortunately along with extra airline fees security is kind of insane too, so expect to have to take ALL of that off and set aside some extra time to put everything back together after you hit security… and you might get some dirty looks from the impatient people in line behind you.

  • http://louis.mc-entee.com Karl

    Ha ha ha. Benny. What if you don’t want to go through the airport looking like sweaty Bernard Maloney on a shoplifting spree? And why is there no credits for “Fat Coke Drinking Guy”? Does going through security not take FOREVER. . . :-) What about on the way home when the towel is wet? Good packing tips though – the only important thing is that your passport is safe! . . more tips please.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aqua_moonshade Nic

    LMAO, Bennay, I still remember when you told me all about this. You are the best!!!


  • Caora Rua

    Tà mè ag iarradh leagan as Gaeilge.
    Ok, I’ll try to do this when I go to a 3 months study in TCD next year.
    One of my friends by the way was returning from TCD a few years ago by Ryanair. She put on 3 pairs of trousers and 2 jackets (preparing herself for cold russian winter, heh) and had 2 large bags (with books of course), 1 backpack and 2 small handbags… She managed to hide one of the large bags under the passport control desk and paid less!))

  • http://www.dillonslattery.com Sarah D

    Hilarious!! Great stuff Benny, look forward to your next installment already :)

    PS that’s a big bottle of Pantene you’ve got there :)

  • Philip Leo Kraus

    Great, Benny. Remember how I packed a guitar, an amplifier, 4 AKG microphones (2 of which are now stolen), 4 microphone stands, a guitar stand, a 4 track Tascam digital recorder (also now stolen!) and all my clothes and my toiletries into a backpack, a guitar case, and a carry on bag, and a sizable belt bag (not counted as carry-on) all over 5 countries? I did a lot of 2-pants and shirt wearing; pocket-stuffing; and lotsa other stuff to make it all go with me… last year my trip to China went about the same way, and the trip to Mexico that I just returned from last week was the first in my travels that I ever had to pay for checked luggage, and thankfully it was only one piece- my guitar. I’m not taking my guitar to Africa in January and will not have ANY checked luggage. Somehow, you make it all seem fun and NOT TEDIOUS. Kudos! See you soon??????

  • http://matadortravel.com/travel-community/vagabonderz Carlo

    Haha, nice little vid, very clever! Although, I hate just taking my belt off and removing coins when I go through security. Not sure I’ll be doing this anytime soon!

    I managed to get an oversized trolley suitcase on board two Jetstar flights to Sydney…but the last time I got dirty looks from the flight attendants and one even said “if we weren’t behind schedule, we’d have to get you to check that” – well, being Jetstar, there’s not much chance of them being ON schedule…so I guess I’m safe!

  • Chris

    There are clothes manufacturers with designs for just this type of thing. When traveling, I carry a jacket with 39 pockets. At the security checkpoints, just send it through the x-ray machine with carry-on bags.

  • Cormac Lewis

    Where did you buy the jacket ?


  • Cormac Lewis

    Thats the jacket with 39 pockets

  • http://www.altalang.com/beyond-words/author/maria/ Maria

    Hi Benny,

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for introducing me to your great site!

  • Jenny

    Nice video Benny. For the bonus cash prize: If you had two kids, which pockets would you put them in?? J

  • http://paddyinba.blogspot.com/ Quickroute

    I’ve done a little ‘layering’ myself – I get heat flashes when I travel so I look like a nervous terrorist with all the sweating but good tips – like it!

  • http://translationmusings.com bonnjill

    I highly recommend looking into a microfiber towel. They are not bulky at all. Very enjoyable video!

  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Great comments eveeryone!! Keep ‘em coming :)
    @Jenni & Karl: Yes, it’s a little inconvenient going through security, but after some practice I can get through now as quick as everyone else. Once through security I nip out a few plastic bags to put everything in so I’m not walking around with my pockets full. When getting on the plane, they presume you bought it all in duty-free ;)
    @Jill Yes of course, the microfibre towel is easier to fold etc., but I tried that for a while and didn’t like it. For this funny and not-so-inconvenient work-around I get full entire fluffiness in my towel :) It is mostly just a suggestion though; you could also use the same idea to bring a flag or extra clothes. I’ve stuffed everything from shoes to even dumbbells into my pockets or various other places they fit into. Even when I have check-in luggage, this method lets me go way over the overall 30kg or so limit, which is important when you move house as often as I do!
    @Cormac: No idea where to get that super-pocket jacket. If anyone reading this could let us know, leave a comment with the link!! As a temporary work around, when I was really desperate to bring several books with me, I took an old jacket and sliced open a hole in the back to put them in between the layers (it was a winter jacket). Definitely not something you want to sit back on, but I brought half a library with me that way :-P

  • Chris

    It doesn’t look like they have the 39 pocket one anymore. The best I can see now is 28 pockets.

  • http://www.amyolau.com Amy Lau

    Keep making these wonderful videos Benny!

  • http://almostfearless.com Christine Gilbert

    This was a great video! It must take you so long to translate everything into each language!

    BTW, I did the same thing traveling around europe. I had my laptop, my camera and extra lenses and clothes. Buy the toiletries when you land and you’re good to go. Also I’ve found that my small camera bag plus my backpack can get through security as one item, even with Ryan Air. And if you carry your book in your hand, they won’t stop you.

  • http://www.backpackingphilippines.com pinoy backpacker

    witty…i’ve also been traveling withour checked-in luggage. i can’t do the towel as cape :P

  • http://www.mydriveholiday.com/australia Jenny

    I just stumbled onto this blog today. I’m glad you posted the video! Keep em coming!

  • http://i-gotta-go.blogspot.com djong

    just hitting back from my blog! :) i shopped so much in bangkok, i was afraid i would have to resort to putting things in my pockets, too! :D

    and yes, i did get better during the trip. it was a blast! :D

  • http://www.longlad.com Gary OLeary

    Why would you pack books for a holiday? you crack me up.

  • http://www.luggageonline.com luggage

    Great tips for packing more, this is especially useful nowadays when airlines are charging so much extra for you to travel with more luggage.

  • maartenvandendriessche

    Nice video, great tips.

  • maartenvandendriessche

    Nice video, great tips.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BPB76W5CC4AKGR6H6DL63IVH4E Lena Landmine

    You're hilarious. ….And brilliant when it comes to traveling. Bravo.

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  • erik

    They took your idea!

  • http://twitter.com/nomadswift Jacob B Swift

    I dig it.

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    wow…It is really funny..hahahahaha :-D lol

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  • http://twitter.com/DanielRodic Daniel Rodic

    Great tips on how to travel light… any funny looks when you empty your pockets at the metal detectors? :P

  • Dixie13

    Very creative video, and the only way to travel!  We had a carry-on bag and a backpack each though.  Kudos on getting it all into just the backpack and person.

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    You’re hilarious. ….And brilliant when it comes to traveling. Bravo.

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    We had a carry-on bag and a backpack each though.  Kudos on getting it all into just the backpack and person.

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  • Camera nut

    Thanks for the tips and the laughs! If only I were a guy! Now, I will try to wear seven pair of panties & seven bras on board the plane; cover up with four wrinkle free blouses and two pair of leggings covered by two pair of lightweight slacks and a long skirt (with an elastic waist) to finish my ensemble! French women and Supermodels, eat your heart out!

  • Laura Bell

    Love it! But i also was wondering how long it takes you to empty those pockets for security?

  • Aleksandra

    You are incredible! Really!!!