Jun 23

Here is a video documentary about my experience hiking up the Teide with locals from the island. I used some new editing techniques and included 3-D Google Earth shots to show exactly where we were at each step.

Please do leave comments or contact me to let me know what you think about it!! :)

  • Karl

    Yo Benj, What program are you using for the video editing?

  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 :) Emlyn had to give me a few tips so I could get the best out of it; it’s a lot more versatile than what I was using before! Hopefully I didn’t overdo it!!

  • Helga

    Hooooooooooo, Benny this is a very cool and amazing video!!! Thank you! :* Besitos

  • Sage


    Loved the video, you did an amazing job for not doing that for a living! Any chance your going to burning man this year?


  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Yes! Going to Burning Man and I have official media permission to record and make a documentary similar to the ones I’ve already done! :) Will you be there??

  • http://www.dillonslattery.com Sarah D

    Hi Benny, just discovered your site while tip-toeing through the blogosphere – look forward to following your adventures! Really like how you’ve used Google Earth in this clip too, gives me ideas for my own movie magic :)


  • http://AliceBlueGown.knitblog.com alice


    It is not only your remarkable travels, it is your positive attitude and refreshing view of reality that give me enthsuiasm to pusue my interests and goals. You are inspirational.



  • Mary

    Got your link through Secret Tenerife – it’s wonderful! Being a huge fan of anything to do with Tenerife, but not having been up to Teide for some years, it was a fantastic reminder of what I’ve been missing, thank you so much

  • http://www.MyBeautifulAdventures.com/ GlobalButterfly

    Simply amazing…I'm a bit speechless!

  • http://twitter.com/Emmi134 Emmi Bances

    Simply awesome…..you have inspired us.

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