May 6

After less than a week back in Ireland, I was ready to head off again! I got the first flight to Tenerife and a few hours after arriving, I found a flat, friends and got invited to a party! I had a nice place to myself so I could get some work done, but went out regularly with the Erasmus crowd. I even took the time to hike up the Teide, the world’s 3rd tallest volcano, and get to know the island and its locals and customs. And of course, I got some regular sun and will be leaving with quite a decent tan! But once again it’s time to go home!!

I’ll be giving Maths lessons to save up for this years long-haul flights and for the weeks I’ll be travelling without earning.

I’ll end this entry with a link to something you might like. At the airport, on my way to Tenerife, I was interviewed by Irish national radio about Couchsurfing. For those of you who want to hear it just click here.
It’s only a couple of minutes long and my part is at the beginning.

  • Kelly Rogers

    Hi. Where did you stay in Tenerife? Which beaches do you like best?

  • Kelly Rogers

    By the way, I know you enjoyed your Tenerife travel, but could you elaborate and give more details? I’m just curious. Thank you for your time.