Apr 20

It took me a while to get around to editing it, but finally you can see how 40+ Couchsurfers got along together in the house I hosted them in, February this year in Recife Brazil. Enjoy!

  • Missy

    What a fantastic blog you have! I really, really enjoyed watching the Recife entry and I cannot tell you how envious I feel and how much I appreciated the sights and information. Particularly, the anthems of each visitor touched me deeply. I am working on a doctorate degree involving linguistics and multiculturalism, and I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to see your work. Thanks so very very much!

  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Wow!! Many thanks for the compliment :) Feel free to subscribe to find out when I make more of these (shortly I’ll be adding one about Tenerife, and in the coming months one about Irish speakers, then Esperanto speakers and then my experience at Burning Man!) They’ll be more or less in the same style as that one. Be sure to let me know what you think of them!

  • Livia

    how nice what you are doing, Benny!
    Publishing all this experiences you are getting…
    arround the world!
    I have just a nice feeling when I watch this videos! The fact I am far away from Brazil and in the moment have no time to travel in the moment… but I want to travel right now :D hehehe

    Wish you the best, we keep on touch!

    Lívia (Isabelas friend from Maceió)

  • Svetlana

    Thank you, Benny, for this video!! It was a great occasion for me to see real CS meeting!!:) It’s awesome. I’m new in CS, and live so far (in the Russian Far East). So there are not a lot of CSer at my place. But I hope someday I’ll have a chance to take part in the same CS event!:)) Thank you one more!

    Best wishes from Russia, Khabarovsk:)))


  • http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/medicoviajero Eric

    Finally getting around to checking this out. Nice job. Missed you at the Burn this year. I didn’t get to stop by CS Camp until Monday, just in time to help moop the playa there. Maybe next year. Safe travels,

  • http://vladdolezal.com/blog/ Vlad Dolezal

    It took me about two minutes to realize why you sounded so strange in the video. – Because I’ve never heard you speak english before! We’ve always talked in esperanto :)

    Anyway, nice video, and cool blog, too! I’ll read some more when I get the time, I’m off to a Toastmasters meeting now.


  • http://www.irishpolyglot.com benny

    Thanks for the compliment :)
    This was actually one of my first videos; I think my newer ones are better edited. But it’s still fun to look back on this one and see all the wonderful people I hosted :)
    Good luck trying to convince me to speak English in Esperantujo :P :P

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