Nov 28

Click here to watch the video on Youtube in lower quality (slower connections)
You can also watch this video in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Irish and Esperanto.

For the last week in August, this normally barren desert is occupied by 50,000 people for the “Burning Man” event. It’s very difficult to describe what the event is about, but hopefully this short video will give you a slight idea!
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  • Karen

    That was very interesting and I would say that your video did give me a better idea of what it’s all about. Thanks!

  • Bill Chapman

    Jes, tre interese!

    I look forward to seeing / hearing the Esperanto!

  • Quickroute

    I almost went many years ago and having seen this and bummed it didn’t happen. – Nice Vid!

  • SammyK

    Fantastic video, Benny! This is something that I must do within the next few years. I love the shot with you in the goggles and mask. You look like one of those desert characters from Star Wars.

  • Francoise

    Excellent mini documentary! I’ve always wanted to know more about Burning Man and now I do. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cormac Lewis

    Excellent video Benny, did you manage to fit the bike in the carry on luggage, or did it go on the Temple?

  • Nic

    Interesting video… Makes me want to go someday.


  • Hottie

    Great Video. Everyone should experiece this at least once, it is something that you just cant get enough of, and will never fully know what it is until you are there. Its like explaining a religious experience to a non-religious person. AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! Cant wait till next year!!!!

  • Scott

    Beautiful souls, crazy festival, great memories, thanks for the footage x

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  • Uniyalsurbhi