Aug 6

The Irish language and culture is really amazing; even after I have seen so many other ones from around the world. So I thouroughly enjoyed a week at Oideas Gael’s language and culture course in Gleann Cholm Cille, Donegal, Ireland. I made this video (in the style of a documentary) to show what it was like from my eyes. If you enjoyed it please leave comments :)

  • http://n/a Máire Greaney

    Faraor nach raibh mé ann. :-(

  • benny

    Sorry to have missed you this year Máire!! Maybe next time ;) Please leave all comments as Gaeilge on the Irish version of my site if you can :P Thanks!

  • sarahd

    Looks fantastic Benny, made me feel so homesick :) I’ll be staying tuned to see where the Irish Polyglot is off to next on his travels!

  • Diarmuid

    Bail a dhia ort!
    Found your page through looking up Gaeilge on Flickr!
    Im very impressed by your site!

    I guess I am not the only polyglot paddy around!!

    mairh an fear! Adh mor leis an suiomh!

    Diarmuid i Maidrid