Here are all of the posts on my site, categorised and in order of last to first. Nearly all of them include a video. The ones in bold are my personal favourites.

Instructional videos

What is RSS and how is it useful? Jan 15, 2008. This essential piece of Web 2.0 technology is surprisingly still not main-stream. I try to explain it in simple terms while running around Buenos Aires!

How to take as much as you like in your hand luggage Oct 7, 2008. Ever fly on budget airlines that charge extra for checking in luggage? Avoid paying more by bringing everything in your carry-on luggage!

Travel and culture video documentaries

Learning tango in Buenos Aires Dec 16, 2008. Join me, step by step, in learning Argentina’s famous dance

Burning Man, a week in the desert Nov 28, 2008. Camping with 50,000 others in the Nevada Desert for this incredible event

Summer Esperanto Study Aug 24, 2008. A week long course I took for one of the world’s easiest languages, Esperanto

A week in the Gaeltacht in Gleann Cholm Cille Aug 6, 2008. A lovely village that holds Irish (Gaelic) language courses

Hike up Mount Teide June 23, 2008. Join me on my hike to the top of Spain’s highest mountain, with the help of Google Earth!

Travels through the northeast of Brazil May 6, 2008. Video highlights of my Brazil trip

Couchsurfing house of 40 Apr 20, 2008. Experience of hosting over 40 people in Recife, Brazil

Brazilian Carnival in Olinda, Feb 13 2008. Interviews and commentary about Brazil’s amazing carnival

Miscellaneous / videos from others that I’m in

Flashmob pillowfight in Buenos Aires Feb 22, 2009. Sam Powers made this video about a pillow fight with 2,000 people that I was a part of.

My Esperanto New Year’s party Jan 10, 2009. A brief look at how Esperanto speakers ring in the new year!

Where the hell is Benny? Jun 20, 2009. Matt Harding is famous for dancing around the world. I was very lucky to be part of his famous video.

Would you like some tea with that? Jan 17, 2008. Thoughts in London

Site updates

Happy Old Year, Happy New Year Dec 31, 2008. Summary of what I did with the blog in 2008 and some plans for 2009.

Brand New Site June 4, 2008. Updated entire site structure to WordPress from basic HTML structure